Delivery Capability

We have a team of highly competent individuals 

  1. Agriculturalists.

  2. Industrial chemists (consultancy).

  3. Agronomists (consultancy).

  4. Environmental scientists (consultancy).

  5. Occupational Health and Safety (consultancy).

Each individual undertakes specific aspects of running and managing a Chemical manufacturing Factory. Our team is assembled eminently suited for Cleaning and Industrial Chemicals production and has the local and in-depth technical experience and knowledge to execute any assignment successfully and to the full satisfaction of the client. Each team member has undertaken various responsibilities on a number of previous occasions and, although not all full time employees of Chemdol (Pty) Ltd, has worked highly successfully in a team environment with the company in the past.

Quality Assurance

We base the planning and execution of our chemical production on national and international standards Organization (ISO) Environmental Management System standards such as (ISO 14001, 1996 and ISO 14004, 2004) and regulations. 
Final quality assurance of our works and processes is provided by our adherence to BOBS Standards and EIA approval from the Department of Environmental A airs.